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Monica Glass

Monica Glass

Desserts, Sweets

Hi! I’m Monica. I’m best known for chuckling at my own jokes and bringing sweets to bars. I believe we were put here to create, to inspire, and to bring a meaningful difference to others’ lives. Sharing a smile is one of the most simple yet profound acts in life, and I’ve always considered making others smile my purpose. Food just happens to be my medium.

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Jomby - Shehnaz Abdeljaber

Shehnaz Abdeljaber

Homestyle, Middle Eastern, Fusion

Shehnaz A. is the owner of Olive Press Eatery in Metuchen, NJ, a Palestinian restaurant, bookstore & hub for the community. She is what she calls a “community taught” cook and human rights activist where growing up in a Palestinian kitchen created the dynamic of learning to cook around different characters, neighbors, family, and conversations around the table. Food is identity, political, friendly, welcoming, and is embedded in human rights. Come sit at her table and chat!

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Jomby - Tess Levin

Tess Levin

Pastry, Desserts

Tess Levin is a professionally trained Pastry Chef residing in the Los Angeles area. She started her Master of the Pastry Arts journey in May of 2018 and since then has been featured in VoyageLA along with numerous baking blogs. She owns Fluff Cups Specialty Desserts – a gourmet dessert company serving the SoCal area.

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Abigail Dahan


Abigail is an award winning pastry chef. She was classically trained in authentic French pastry kitchens in Paris, France. She has been featured on numerous cooking shows on The Food Network. Day-to-day she teaches people the art of baking at www.thebakeschool.com. Her recipes are truly a work of art.

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Jason Moss

Personal Chef

Jason Moss is a skilled experience private chef. He currently has a new cookbook on the market called That Damn Cookbook. In his cookbook he teaches how to make healthy, time saving, delicious recipes for the entire family to enjoy. You can purchase his cookbook at www.thatdamndelivery.com


Kendall Bajek

Pastry, Vegan/Vegetarian

In 2013, Kendall Bajek introduced Argentine empanadas to the Bucks County food scene by opening her tiny tienda called Empanada Mama. For the past five years, she has remained focused on creating innovative and unique pastries that encompass fillings inspired by cuisines from around the world. However, while serving the community, she noticed an increasing demand for more vegan & vegetarian food options. She recently expanded her empanada menu to include soups & salads and the positive customer response has compelled her to open a second restaurant concept focused solely on the preparation of healthy, plant- based foods—meet Nourish by MAMA.

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  • Jazz vocalist, home chef, software developer.

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